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November 2021: Labouring All Our Lives is now in book form. "Labouring All Our Lives: Guelph's Working Class History (1827-1950)  offers an in depth look at the lives of employees during this period. It explores Child Labour, Women's Work, Immigration, Culture, Housing issues and other related matters. For more information, contact The book is available from the author as well as at The Bookshelf in Guelph, Ontario.

Current and Upcoming Exhibits for the Guelph Civic Museum

   Guelph Girls' Hockey Association at 25 Years: Until April 10, 2022 
 Mind the Gap: Intergenerational Connectivity between Seniors and Youth: Until March 27, 2022
 Between the Crosses Row on Row: 100 Years of the Remembrance Poppy: Until  March 27, 2022

  Moving Histories, Neighbourhood Mysteries: March 12-September  4, 2022

  Memory Cycle: Re-Sonified Artifacts:  Until April 17, 2022

Special Events

  Fourth Friday: Evening concerts. Performances vary 

Current and Upcoming Exhibits for the Wellington County Museum in Fergus

  Feathers and Fossils: Until March 20, 2022 

  Spectrum: Until March 20, 2022 

  All Aboard: Until April  2022 

 For Old Time Sake: The Clock Collection of the Hon. Rob Black: Until May 22, 2022

  Pandemonium! Illustrating the COVID-19 Pandemic: Coming April 2022

Indoor Ongoing Exhibits

  Far from Home: A Soldier's Life at the Front, 1914-1918

 Stitched  Together: One Quilt, One Community  

 1920s Kitchen

 First Story: The Neutrals in Wellington County

 Wightman Telecom: The First One Hundred Years 

 Log Cabin Interior

 If These Walls Could Speak (History of the Poor House)


Exhibits for the Hamilton Workers Art & Heritage Centre

 No Exaggerations – Justin Langlois: Until April 16, 2022

 All Together Now!: Banners From the Permanent Collection: Until May 1, 2022

 Nine to Five: A History of Office Work

Custom House History & The Hall of Hamilton Labour

Gateway to the Workers City & Made in Hamilton Industrial News

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