Labouring All Our Lives is a site devoted to recording and preserving the early history of Guelph’s working class. It looks at their struggles to be treated with respect in the workplace. It describes their fight to have safe working conditions, fair wages and the right to have unions.

Putting together this site has not been without certain challenges. Thankfully, I have always had the support of my partner, Mike and good friends Diane and Kathleen. Special thanks are owed to the Guelph Civic Museum. I also owe thanks and acknowledgements to the following. Without their financial support, this site would not have been possible

Guelph & District Labour

OPSEU Local 232


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Marilyn Fowler Clements

Kellie O’Connor

Punchy Pestaño

Peter Cameron

Laura Huggard

Marie Dixon

Art Kilgour

Ed P Butts

Susan Wang

Lisa Bilinski

Annie Feng


Marilyn Dolby


Deb Ridout